About Us

Bedford & Havenhand Shopfitting has been around a while, some 30 years in fact.  In this fast moving and highly competitive industry, longevity is a good indicator of performance.  Quite simply if we hadn’t and continue to performed consistently well, we would not be here.  But just like the stock market, past performance is by no means a guarantee of future performance.  As such, we have to be constantly on our toes, “raising the bar” in terms of our overall performance including Health & Safety and competitiveness to ensure we continue to give our current and future clients, the best possible service.

Consider this website our own Shopfront.  It’ll give you a brief insight into our set up and of course some of the things we are doing and have done.  It won’t unfortunately give you the whole picture.  To fully understand our work ethic and more importantly for us to gain your trust, we’ll need to talk and ideally meet.  So, if having looked through our “window” and you’d like to find out more, please get in touch and lets discuss how best to get your plans and thoughts turned into reality.

Our Company

Separated out into distinct areas, Contract Management, Set out, Manufacture everyone is clear about their rolls and jobs no matter how small or big follow the same path through.

Supported by a group of tried and trusted sub contractors who can be drawn upon for specialist advice or installations we do pride ourselves on being able to offer our existing or new clients a true “turnkey” approach. Or they can simply pick and choose the elements they need assistance with.  If we are involved then we are happy.

Out Method

Ideally we like to get to know our Clients and their advisors.  We like them to visit us and meet the people who they will be dealing with hopefully on a day to day basis.  We like to discuss their plans and if their designers are available to talk, we like to discuss the designs with them to really get under the skin of what we are going to be making or installing.  Iron out the detail beforehand and the rest should be easy.  Providing each client with a dedicated Contract Manager giving them full control.  On tap 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a client will have a point of contact who will know exactly what is happening with a project at any one time with a back up contact on hand to cover holiday’s etc. If on the odd occasion they can’t be contacted straight away, they’ll be straight back in touch.