What we do

Here are some of the services we offer

Retail Fit Outs

This is our core work.  After 30 years in the industry, we have a great deal of experience in delivering projects on time, to an excellent standard but most importantly on budget.  The majority of these 30 years has been spent working with High Street multiples delivering successful roll-out programmes and carrying out refurbishment programmes to existing stores.  This is what we continue to do today.

Working closely either with the Client direct or with their Advisors, we like to consider ourselves as part of their team and an extension to their existing in house resource.

A great deal of getting it right on site starts by getting it right at the beginning in terms of planning and project management.  This is where we come into our own.  Having a clear vision of where a project needs to end up and having the experience to see where it should be against various milestones along the way helps keep it on track.  Strict cost control by the use of Request for Change documents, where necessary, means there are no surprises for the client at the end of a job.

Office Refurbishments

Many of the skills required for Retail Fit outs lend themselves neatly to Office Refurbishments – they just tent to be bigger.  Walls, ceilings, flooring and electrical installation they are all there.

In House Manufacture

Quite often, a client will come to us with a design already in place and as well as carrying out the installation, we are asked to manufacture the unitary as well.  Again, we have a great deal of experience in manufacturing large volume unitary in a variety of materials.  We have the storage and logistical back up as well to ensure that the unitary once made, gets to site in a timely manner.

Quite often we will work closely with our clients or our client’s designers to ensure their design intent is followed through to the finished article.  Using our vast experience we are also extremely pro-active in the Value Engineering stakes suggesting alternative materials or construction methods to ensure that the unit cost is driven down whilst retaining the desired “look”.

Visualizations and Walk throughs including 3D

Where a budget allows or where it is imperative to see what the finished shopfit or unitary will look like, we have the resources to produce photo realistic visualisations and walk throughs.  These can be invaluable in ironing out design and aesthetic issues before a piece of wood, metal or acrylic is cut.

We have developed a relationship with a Local University and as such, have access to the latest cutting edge technology in the way of 3D walk throughs.  The client can “be in the room” before it’s built to check out positioning of tills, display equipment and POS.  Some clients have used this to check sight lines over mid floor display units.  The same technology is being tried by Aston Martin in their showrooms so that their discerning clients can take a look at the myriad of different colour and trim options – before they buy !